Ten tips for attending RT 2017!

I'm seeing some people nervous about RT 2017. 

To those people, I'd like to say....*Breathe*...and offer up some unofficial tips for how to have a great time and not lose your mind at RT, based on my experience attending last year's Las Vegas event.


Books are heavy.

Last year, for some reason, I brought three paperbacks with me to RT in addition to my Kindle. All three paperbacks became just more weight that had to be packed up and brought back home at the end. (Though I think I left one in the hotel room?)

What I'm saying is that you're going to get books. So many books. You'll probably wind up with more books than you can probably handle in your luggage on the way home. I fit as many as I could into my suitcase, wound up using my convention tote as a second checked bag - hi, Southwest - and STILL wound up shipping a box home. Unless you want particular books signed, I'd leave them home. (I'll only be bringing my Kindle this year, and I'm looking forward to reading HAVEN by Rebekah Weatherspoon on the flight, so there.)

*Note: It appears that, this year, there will be a book swap area for people to leave books they don't especially want. This is a great idea that I didn't see last year, so kudos to the organizers!*


Look at the enormous/overwhelming schedule beforehand. It's online right now and it'll all be in the booklet you'll get when you check-in. There's so many happenings to process, so give it a once-over ahead of time and note things that interest you. Otherwise, you'll be going in blind and things will pass you by.

BUT! Don't lock yourself in to something in each time slot simply to fill time. Who's to say you won't wind up having a spontaneous drink with a favorite author, playing Slash at the hotel bar with some new friends (Annie & I are totally bringing Slash, by the way) or discovering something entirely new? I went to a fantasy panel last year. FANTASY! I had a great time, though as I don't really read fantasy I never expected to attend! Surprises are everywhere!

So go in with a plan, but be ready to throw it/some of it out the window.


(Obviously I am really good at this.)

Readers and writers can be an introverted bunch, and RT can be a lot.

Our phones can't run non-stop, and neither can we. So recharge yourself.

Make sure you take a little time to yourself each day, whether its a nap or a shower, relaxing in your hotel room, or simply walking away to find a quiet spot to sit and read. If you're there with friends, remember that you don't have to attend everything together. It is 100% fine to not travel as a pack the entire time. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Also make sure you leave food breaks in your schedule. A hangry conventioneer does no one any good.


Watch me rock adorable heels at the con. In my "real" life, I'm a homeschool Mom of a five year old, so cute shoes aren't practical 99% of the time. At RT, you better believe I will be wearing the shoes I long to wear in my day to day life. However, I'm staying at a nearby hotel and not the Hyatt Regency so for travel to and FROM the con, you better believe I'll be in flip flops. Even if you're staying at the Hyatt Regency, the trek from your room to the convention area might be lengthy. (I'd swear it was almost a mile from the towers to the convention at the Rio last year, and there were ramps and carpet and heels were a pain.)


We're all adults and know how the world works. Unless you want to find yourself trapped paying five bucks for a small bag of chips or a bottle of water at a hotel kiosk, bring your own. I found a cute little water bottle that will clip onto my purse, and you can bet my bag'll be full of Trader Joe's fruit bars. 

If you want to grab a coffee before a panel, leave extra time. Those Starbucks lines can get long when several thousand people all want their frappucinos at the same time.

**Also, I'm throwing a pack of Starbucks VIA in my bag for the hotel. Between my roommate and myself, I doubt the 1 or 2 Keurig pods in the hotel will suffice.**


You never know who you might be standing next to in line. And there are lines. Before the big events, lines will form as people want to be one of the first hundred (or whatever #) in the door to snag a goody bag. So while you're standing in a hallway dressed like a flapper or whatever, talk to the people around you. I had great conversations with ladies in the goody room line, the Starbucks line, and while sitting at a lunch counter at Guy Fieri's restaurant in the Rio. (Shut up, that guac was excellent and the margarita was needed.) Meet people. Make friends. Remember - everyone there loves books, so you have an easy conversation starter...


Along the same lines at #6, read people's name tags. You might discover you're talking to an author you've read. The authors registered to attend, so they're running around and fangirling just the same as everyone else. 

AND make your social media icons look like you for a few days! I love Twitter, but I'm bad with names. :)


Don't be nervous. Go for it. If you have the chance to wear a rockabilly or a flapper dress, and you want to do it, DO IT. You will not be the only one at the event dressed up, I promise. 


The convention is not the world.

Last year's con was at the Rio in Vegas, which is a ways off the strip and felt rather landlocked. To get out of the hotel required either a hike over a freeway or a cab and a couple hours commitment. This year, the con is right in the middle of downtown Atlanta. 

Now, I'm assuming most of us are coming in from other places for this, so try and see something of the city outside the walls of the Hyatt Regency. After a couple days in probably windowless conference rooms of a big hotel, fresh air and sunshine can do wonders. At least go to the pool! 

Guys, Atlanta is full of things to see.

  • The Georgia Museum (which has four whale sharks in a 6.3 million gallon tank, you guys!) is only a .7 mile walk away, in an area that also contains The World of Coke. Coca-Cola was invented in Atlanta, did you know?
  • Centennial Park, which was built for the 1996 Summer Olympics, is also close. While RT is in town, the park will be home to the Shaky Beats music festival
  • For history nerds (my people!) there's the Margaret Mitchell house, the Center for Civil & Human Rights, and MLK's birth home, a national historic site dedicated to him, and The King Center.
  • Art fans might like the High Museum of Art. Plant nerds might want to visit the Atlanta Botanic Gardens.
  • Want to go crazy and see a show? RIVERDANCE is in town!

Take an hour and go for a walk. See what you see. Enjoy your time.


My final tip comes from my friend Aleisha, and I think it's sage advice --

"When I travel, I don't eat at anyplace I can eat when I'm back at home."

With the advent of smartphones, it's easy to step outside your comfort zone and try something new. For starters, here! The Best Restaurants in Downtown Atlanta. (White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails, mentioned in the article, is literally across the street from the convention hotel.) As a brewery fan, I hope to make it up to one of the city's numerous hot brewing companies. We also won't be terribly far from The Curb Market. This bustling and modern city holds tons of foodie adventures, so go exploring.   

To conclude, RT is going to be a big noisy blast for booklovers.

Take advantage of it, and do you. (Then come home and read the books you brought back, and leave reviews, because nothing helps authors more.)

And if you see me, say hi. I'm super nice, I promise. :)