Virtue of Death, by Randi Perrin

Are you in the mood for a paranormal romance that will make you wish Angels were real AND will inspire you to bake things? If so, then Randi Perrin's VIRTUE OF DEATH is absolutely for you.

The first book in Perrin's Earthbound Angels series is a fun read that would be perfect for poolside or a lazy afternoon. I devoured it on a recent road trip, and it's delicious escapism.  

By day, Sera is a culinary school graduate who runs a bakery in Virginia Beach. By night, she and her best friend Cheryl are angels. Sera helps the dying cross over to judgement, and Cheryl can work miracles. It's working out just heavenly. Then along comes Destin, a sexy food critic, and it all goes to hell. (Forgive me the heaven and hell pun, please. I couldn't resist!) Because she's smart and she's been burned before, Sera keeps her Angel-identity a secret, but soon their relationship is put through the wringer. It's a story of faith and love and sex and baked goods, and I (again with the puns!) ate it up.

Reading VIRTUE OF DEATH reminded me of the first time I watched HBO's True Blood. Stick with me, for I mean this as a compliment. The characters Perrin has created--much like Sookie and Bill and the rest of the citizens of Bon Temps--are all immediately vivid and likable. They're ordinary people in a world where extraordinary things/creatures exist . I was struck by the realization that Sera and Destin's world is already well-developed and full of stories of other angels and their lives/loves/battles  to be told. 

By the by, I am all in if Cheryl gets her own book down the line. I'm putting that out there right now.

VIRTUE OF DEATH is sexy and funny and hard to put down. I look forward to seeing where the rest of the series goes!

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Releasing 8/20/2016 from Hot Tree Publishing.