The MAIDENS & MONSTERS playlist.

Officially/Unofficially! (I don't own any of these songs, of course.)

I collect songs. I'll hear a phrase or a verse, and if it strikes me as something that could be used in a story I'll file it away and remember it. My playlists during the writing of a book are curated as carefully as my home library is.

Over the course of these FIVE BOOKS (can you believe it?!) this is what it's all come down to.


For your listening pleasure ----

FACADE, from the musical Jekyll & Hyde

The overture of the series, if you will. Duplicity and society are mega themes in M&M, and I can practically see the characters singing this in a musical number. (I come from a musical theater background. Almost everything is a musical in my head.)

PHANTOM OF THE OPERA MIX, by Andrew Lloyd Webber, performed by Lindsey Stirling

So I was sick in bed with a sinus infection and a fever and the idea of doing an old west Phantom of the Opera came to me and I started writing it. Then the idea came that - haha - Christine should have plucky friends and I'd name them after the leading ladies of other gothic/horror classics...oh wait! A series idea was born. During the whirlwind writing of CHRISTINE, I probably played this track two hundred times, no exaggeration. It's a wonderful mix of the major instrumental themes of Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical, with the quirkiness of Ms. Stirling, who I dig. It was perfect when I needed it to be perfect.

CASTLE, by Halsey

Why this made for Mina's theme, I don't know - the creepiness, the bold statement of "I'm heading straight for the castle..." Whatever. It worked, and drove the book when I got lost in details for a while.


My sweet Lucy Carew, my wonderful and originally spoiled brat, took probably the biggest arc leap in the whole series. From being silly to being a sledgehammer, and thus - her theme. 

WE SINK, by Of Monsters and Men

Lucy and Henry's love theme. Because those two went through some STUFF.


Can we talk about ESME for a moment -- and how the book that happened was not at all the book I thought would happen? I'll be honest. The world in May of 2016 was a different place than the world at the end of the year, and ESME was my response to it. Sometimes there are bigger things to handle than one's own dreams and desires. Esme fought and scrapped and came out of it a character I love so hard. Also, Quincy is - no joke - my favorite of the leading men of this series. Salute to those two. They earned it.

AWAKENINGS, by Sarah McLachlan

Wake up, girls. 


I've been a FRANKENSTEIN/Mary Shelley nerd since college, when I dreamed of being a literature professor. FRANKENSTEIN captivated me, and I've been rolling it around in my head ever since trying to adapt it - and this song was always a part of that. Finally, it fell into place for ELIZABETH, even if she's not even sure where it should go. <3

TEAM, by Lorde

I wanted to write about female friendships and how they can be as important - if not more important - than romantic ones. This series allowed me to do that. I'll remember these ladies fondly, and they'll remain on each other's team...