What's happening in 2019?


New Year, New Hair, Don’t care. (It turned out a little bit Lady Mary, which wasn’t the point but I’ll take it!)

Also, on January 12th it will be 20 years since BABY, ONE MORE TIME was released. <3 I don’t know if this matters to you, but Britney forever.

Welcome to the new year, kids! Here’s hoping that 2019 brings us all some happiness and the whole wide world a little more peace.


Well, I’m glad you asked. (You didn’t ask, but I’m answering anyway.)

HIS BLUEBIRD BRIDE, the first book in my Gilded Brides series, came out in November, and I’ll be following that up with HIS STARLING SWEETHEART in late spring/early summer. This time, Sam gets to be the hero. (And I cannot wait for you all to meet Tess, who I have absolutely based on Stormy Daniels. If you like heroines who don’t give AF, just you wait…)

Also, come fall 2019 I’ll be releasing a Salem-set novella for your creepy reading season enjoyment. I’m borderline obsessed with Salem at the moment, and have been reading everything I can get my hands on. (I’d recommend SIX WOMEN OF SALEM by Marilynne Roach AND THE WITCHES by Stacy Schiff to anyone, and I’m about to read two books about Tituba, the mysterious and fascinating woman in the center of it all.)

I’m also at the very very very very very DID I MENTION VERY early stages of a whole new western historical series, inspired by a handful of my all-time favorite tropes - gang of misfits, girl gang, scoundrels and lady spies! They say to write the book of your heart. Well, this might be the SERIES of my heart. More information to come.

Not a lot of cons/events on the schedule this year as I really want to focus on writing, but I’ll be in Peoria, IL this summer for Writers on the River. I attended last year as a reader and it was a marvelous event packed with great writers, and I’m looking forward to it.

Here goes.


Marie <3