5 Western Romances for Valentine's Day!

Feel like going back in time and snaring a sexy cowboy? Who doesn't!

In honor of Valentine's Day, I have assembled a list of the westerns I suggest to people who want to read a western romance. These are some of my all-time favorites, and I hope you love them, too. They're in no particular order....because they're all great!



1. HARLOT by Victoria Dahl

This book is not for those who like their romances chaste. Harlot is an erotic romance featuring Jessica, a woman who's had no choice but to sell herself and Caleb, the man who she wanted to wait for. Furious, he buys her. Through the delicious and complicated intimate scenes Dahl is so good at writing, they come back together again. (You should also read ANGEL, the first book in the series, for background on a fascinating secondary character in HARLOT.)


2. THE TAMING OF JESSI ROSE by Beverly Jenkins.

Look, the first time we meet our heroine, Jessi Rose, she's rushing out into a stampede. The next time, she's perched on the roof of her house with a shotgun and if there's a better way to meet a leading lady I don't know what it is. Griffin is a train robber who gets put in the position of lawman to help her out against a gang who wants her land, and sparks! Oh, the sparks! 

Note: Jenkins infuses a ton of history into all her books, so you can't go wrong with any of her westerns. NIGHT SONG is about Nicodemus, the black settlement. She just released TEMPEST, the third book in her Old West series. I loved the first two books, FORBIDDEN and BREATHLESS, and can't wait to read the third one, so this is also a series you should grab and get lost in.


3. A ROGUE IN TEXAS by Lorraine Heath.

If you're a regency reader, this would be a great gateway western. A ROGUE IN TEXAS is a beautiful Texas romance between a Duke's son who wants to earn his fortune and a hard-scrabble woman of the west. Abbie's husband never came back from the war, leaving her with land and three children. When Grayson and Abbie team up to turn her land into something more, their attraction is undeniable - and it's a wonderful read, with an outrageous ending I loved.


4. EMMA AND THE OUTLAW by Linda Lael Miller

THIS BOOK WAS SO MUCH RACIER THAN I EXPECTED IT TO BE--and I mean that in a good way. The second book in Miller's Orphan Train series centered around three orphaned sisters separated as children and trying to reunite, this book delighted me. Emma, the oldest sister, is a proper lady, even if she was raised in a brothel. An injured man - one of my favorite western tropes - sets her heart on fire and things get hot real fast. Super fast and fun, I'm never getting rid of this one.

....I read LILY AND THE MAJOR, the first book in the series, AFTER reading this one, and didn't finish it because the jerk hero was too much of a jerk even for me, and that's saying something. 



5. SEDUCED by Molly O'Keefe

This one has some grit. Melody is an abused wife, a southern belle who got married to save her family's plantation but wound up with a terrible man. When they arrive at a house, her husband shoots the man and claims it for himself, then rides off and returns with a prospector - who isn't a prospector at all, but the brother of the cabin's original owner. Cole is a bounty hunter who's been searching for his brother, and both he and Melody start the book broken and find something resembling happiness together. I'm probably not selling the book too well. It's emotional and sometimes hard, but it's one of the most satisfying western reads I've ever encountered.


This post brought to you by the fact that the third book in my own western romance trilogy, FIRES OF CRICKET BEND, is free now through the 18th!