HolidayBookBash #5 - Glass Tidings, by Amy Jo Cousins


Right out of the gate, this book has some angst in it.

I mean, it opens with one of our heroes witnessing a hit & run, so if you're looking for a holiday tale full of sweetness and light, this isn't your book.

But, as I'm sure we can all attest, the holidays themselves often contain some angst...and I loved this book because of it.

Sure, Glass Tidings has some darkness, but it's still a a hopeful (and very sexy) romance between Gray, a lonely small-town Christmas shop owner and Eddie, the glass artist drifter (and Renaissance Faire vendor) who gets tossed into his life and heart after a horrible incident. They're different men who want different things, but as the cold days pass, Eddie becomes a part of Gray's life -- working in his shop, meeting his friends, sitting together at night by the fire. A reveal threatens to tear them apart, but will they b able to get over themselves and stay together?

It's about loneliness and the strange ways and places we find happiness. Its about not getting stuck in a rut for your whole life. Glass Tidings is a great read, and finds light in the darkness and reminds the reader there might just be something wonderful out there just waiting...  



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These dues eat pizza, author Amy Jo Cousins is a fellow Chicagoan and we here in the Windy City are known for pizza, and I love making pizza. So I took some inspiration from Pinterest and Tablespoon and my kid & I made a holiday wreath pizza

Or rather, I tried.

It was still a delicious pizza, but it didn't exactly have the festive look I expected. Oh well, maybe you'll do better? (Update: It was still delicious and not a crumb of it was left at the end of dinner, so...)


Gorgeous glass ornaments.

The cover of the book struck me, and the vivid descriptions of Eddie's ornaments had me daydreaming. The ornament on the book's cover is so pretty that it made me go looking for one of my own!

Check out this gorgeous ornament - or any of the beautiful glasswork by Canadian glass artist MissMacGlass. Check out her Etsy shop for some great gift ideas! There are some serious stunners in her collection. 

**Also, there's an entire Christmas tree in NYC made only of handmade glass ornaments. Check this thing out! 


See you tomorrow - with a sweet holiday historical! <3