My process. (If I have one, that is.)

How do writers write?

This question is huge, all-encompassing, and able to be answered probably a thousand ways. I know writers who dictate into an app on their phone, writers who start at the beginning of a story and write to the end chronologically, and everyone in between.

Me? If I have to answer, I'd say I write.... like I write.

I begin with a brainstorm. An idea. Usually, it's a thought that arrives in my head at an inconvenient time and bugs me until I have to stop everything and see where it goes. (Maidens & Monsters is an example.) I scribble in a notebook whatever lines and scenes and ideas come to me, I throw thoughts in a word doc, and after a couple weeks I put it all together in one document. From there, I figure out what bridges need to be built, what order things need to go in, and what is missing. Then, I do that. My first draft is generally a hot mess, and I turn it over to my dearest friend and beta reader, Aleisha, who gives me wonderful insight like "This dude's eyes change color three times" and "Yes, but... this part seems out of character" which I can then use to make a much better second draft. By the second draft, its usually pretty streamlined as far as plot goes, and its the prose and style that needs tweaking. So I do that.

Then I go into obsessive scouring/editing mode. Thankfully, there are editors in this world who get me. (Laura, the editor of the Cricket Bend series, and Megan of M&M are angels on earth. Seriously.)

And at some point after that, its a book.

TA-DA! *Magic hands*

Obviously there's lots more to it, but that's the best I can explain my messy process.

Someday I'll be cool and have a Pinterest-ready office and an organized plan.

Today, my friends, is not that day. <3