Read ALL THE THINGS - February 25, 2016

Another week, another chance to read.

Admittedly, I didn't read as much as I usually do. I was finishing formatting EMMA'S BLAZE, and trying to complete a first draft of my new work in progress, AND my kiddo was sick, but I still read a few things.

FIRSTLIFE by Gena Showalter.

An Aunt & Uncle are in the process of opening a bookstore in Texas (hooray!) and so they've been so kind as to give me a few ARCs to peruse for them. While I'm not really a YA reader, I enjoyed this one a lot. It takes a pretty typical story - a young woman who doesn't conform to her futuristic society's demands because she's special (the OTHER) and she winds up having to choose which side of an epic battle she'll be on - Katniss, anyone? BUT Gena Showalter is a great writer and takes some interesting spins and twists. I can see FIRSTLIFE being the beginning of a cool series, and I'm looking forward to reading the next book.

UNDENIABLY YOURS by Shannon Stacey.

In addition to the YA genre, I'm not usually a reader of contemporary romance, but there are a few authors (Alisha Rai, Victoria Dahl, Lauren Dane) who I break that rule for, and it looks like Shannon Stacey will be joining the list. I didn't expect to love this book, but I devoured it. Leading man Kevin is a dreamboat, and I wanted the couple to get together so much! <3

**I also spent time this week reading James Fennimore Cooper's THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS and several books on trees, medicinal herbs, and botany as part of my research for my newest work in progress, which I hope to complete a first draft of in the next week. I've tried numerous times in my life to read & love THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS, and I have to say --- I still don't. I understand it's appeal and it's place in literary history, but wow...yeah, it's not my favorite.**

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