Sorry to end the year on a downer, but two things avid romance/erotica readers should know ASAP~!

A. AllRomance Ebooks announced suddenly a few days ago that they were shutting down on 12/31/2016. If you are a romance reader who used the site to purchase and store titles, go download your titles now--because they're going to vanish any moment. Also, apparently if you preordered any books through the site you have until today to request a refund. This is shady dealings. Authors who published through the site are only being offered ten cents on the dollar for the money they're owed. For a deeper dive, Smart Bitches has it covered.

HOW THIS AFFECTS ME: If you happen to have preordered COVALENT BONDS through AllRomance, World Weaver Press will honor your sale and send you a copy in February when the book releases, because they're lovely.

B. Torquere Press announced a little while back that they were closing. As an author who published one short erotica story with them in a holiday 2015 collection and never saw a penny for my story, this wasn't surprising. What IS surprising is that last night with no warning their site went down and wiped out reader libraries.

HOW THIS AFFECTS ME: If you had purchased HOLIDAY WANT ADS (the collection) or LITTLE WHITE LIGHTS (my story) from Torquere and had your library deleted, let me know and I can send you a copy. Honestly, I've been waiting a month to hear back on my reversion of rights request, so I don't really care. Also, they're still selling the collection on Amazon. I humbly request you don't buy it - as it's just more money none of us authors will ever see.

While this is certainly a bummer, and not the way I wanted 2016 to end, I haven't lost hope in the publishing industry. Any industry has swindlers and people who will take advantage of money that isn't theirs when it's in their hands. There are so many lovely publishers big and small out there - might I suggest NineStar Press in place of Torquere? - that the shady ones will fall off. It's just a shame they had to wound the authors and readers they built their businesses on in the process. 

I'm hearing talk of lawyers being involved on both sides. Romance Writers of America is certainly on the AllRomance case.

:( But onward to better things...