The EMMA Sessions

I use music nearly every minute while I'm writing. It sets moods for scenes, inspires me, and gets me going when I'm dragging. EMMA'S BLAZE, the second Cricket Bend book, is off to the publisher and about to begin being edited for it's March release, and I'm remembering a few of the songs that helped shape it.

*OBVIOUSLY I own the rights to zero of these songs. I'm just a big fan of the songs and these artists, and like to give props*

THE FOOTHILLS, by Sara Watkins

Personally, this is the track that I listen to in order to kick off any writing I do on this series. It's so driving and earthy and a little scratchy/messy, and it's just the best. Consider it the overture, if you want to. (I do!)


Perhaps the most influential song in helping create the character of Emma, I adore this track. And I've listened to it 100ish times over the past few months, so that's saying something.

CHAMPIONS OF RED WINE, by The New Pornographers

The playlist I made for HAVEN'S FLAME was straight country and folk, but this book surprised me by taking a few side trips into other genres.

DESTINATION, by Nickel Creek

This is a traveling book - it goes places. With the exception of one chapter, HAVEN'S FLAME took place completely in the town of Cricket Bend, Texas. EMMA'S BLAZE, on the other hand, covers miles of cattle trail as well as a few jaunts to other locations. Like LONESOME DOVE and GONE WITH THE WIND and SHOWBOAT, it covers ground. So does this song.

BECAUSE THE NIGHT, by 10,000 Maniacs

Because the lovers. Duh. 

CRY, by Faith Hill

This song kills me, and it's a perfect broken-heart song for Emma.

WHEREVER IS YOUR HEART, by Brandi Carlisle

If "The Foothills" is the overture to the series, this is the finale. For all the romance and adventure and bad guys and drama, it's about a group of people - regular people - living their lives in a small town they call home. Home means different things to everyone, but home is where the heart is, after all.

Thanks for letting me share these selections! EMMA'S BLAZE will be out in March!