An Artist Date

Part of Julia Cameron's 12 week program THE ARTIST'S WAY, which I'm currently doing and loving, is taking yourself on a weekly artist date. It's two hours, by yourself, where you refill the well of your creativity. There are no bounds as to what this can entail - whatever floats your boat. 


Yesterday, I took my second artist date. I went to Half-Price books and wandered. I wandered through every section of the store - Romance, Self-Help, History, CDs - as I'm unable to do when I visit the store with my (beautiful and wonderful but energetic and noisy) 4 year old in tow. I read back cover copy, I looked at cover art, I brought out my phone and went to my Goodreads list. I shopped for books, and it was awesome.

After spending $38 on books and CDs, I took my finds across the street to Starbucks and sat in the sun and read, and doodled, and daydreamed. I'm someone who needs alone time in order to flourish creatively, and let's face it - as an adult, and a parent, free/me time is fleeting and valuable. THE ARTIST'S WAY is encouraging me to be a bit more selfish, to recognize that my happiness and creative fulfillment is worth a little time. And that it's okay! We're none of us robots, you know?


<3 I've begun to edit the 2nd Cricket Bend book, and I have another WIP dancing around my head. Once I finish those, which shouldn't be too long, the characters of the Cricket Bend trilogy are beginning to stand up and demand I pay attention to them. I live to serve the muse. ;)