Things I've recently read.

I read all the time. I've a voracious appetite for books, and if I'm loving a book I can finish it in less than a day. Recently, though I've been deep in the writing cave creating the 2nd Cricket Bend book, I've found time to read a couple delightful books. Thought I'd share.

THE TRAITOR'S WIFE, by Alison Pataki. A fascinating historical fiction account of the famous traitor Benedict Arnold and the role his wife may have played in his actions, I stayed up until way past my bedtime reading this. I couldn't put it down!

THE COUNTESS AND THE COWBOY, by Elizabeth Lane. I adore the Harlequin Historical Westerns that come out each month. This one was a special delight, full of steamy chemistry between it's two leads, an interesting plot (I read a lot of Western Romance - plots get recycled frequently) and a few twists I didn't see coming! 

COWBOYS FOR CHRISTMAS, by Jan Springer. I run a filthy book club, and this was our selection for December. It's an erotica novel featuring cowboy menage, and it's exactly what I expected/wanted it to be. In the last few months, we've read some selections that left us all going, "Meh, it wasn't dirty enough." This one is definitely "dirty enough" - I can't wait to meet up with the ladies of my book club next week and discuss it.