CHARACTER GUIDE (As of the time of MINA, but without spoilers.)

The Maidens of Mapleton

  • Christine (Dale) Garrison - dancing girl turned star singer at Opal Hall. Married to Eric Garrison.
  • Mina Murray - daughter of the owner of the Mapleton Gazette, and reporter. Engaged to Jonathan Harker.
  • Esme (last name unknown) - ward of the chuch and keeper of the church garden, takes to working at the Tavern in MINA.
  • Lucy Carew - eldest daughter of Mayor Stephen Carew
  • Elizabeth Carew - younger daughter of Mayor Stephen Carew

Their lovers & suitors

  • Eric Garrison - Architect and Patron of Opal Hall
  • Jonathan Harker - English lawyer representing the railroad. Engaged to Mina.
  • Henry Jekyll - doctor, recently arrived from Chicago
  • Quincy Morse - church stablemaster and bell-ringer. Lost a leg and part of his hearing as a young solider in the Civil War.
  • Arthur Holmwood - Owns Holmwood Bank

The Town Fathers

  • Mayor Stephen Carew - father to Lucy and Elizabeth
  • Victoria Murray - mother to Mina
  • Father Frollo - Priest at chuch, guardian who raised Esme
  • Mr. Stoop - runs the town Mercantile

Victims of the Mapleton Massacre

  • Caroline Carew
  • Esme's parents
  • Gustav Dale
  • Richard & Cora Sutter

Other residents of Mapleton

  • Justine Thorpe, schoolteacher
  • Louie Stoop - longtime adversary of the Maidens
  • Sheriff Tompkins - Sheriff of Mapleton. A kindly man who has known the Maidens all their lives, and hands out peppermint sticks regularly.
  • Deputy Abernathy
  • Deputy Roberts
  • Dr. Helsing - "The Old Doctor" is a Dutchman, and devoutly religious
  • Mr. Micker - a farmer. Grows pumpkins like a boss.
  • William - Butler to Eric Garrison
  • Chester Hugo - owns the Tavern
  • Mary Holiday - a prostitute at the Tavern
  • Mrs. Poole - Irish housekeeper and cook for the Carew family
  • Lottie LaBelle - overstuffed singer at Opal Hall
  • "Thomas and the Dog" - an act at Opal Hall
  • Hiram Andrews - owner/operator of Opal Hall

Strangers, Visitors, those who've departed, and the rest...

  • Count Vladimir Dracula  
  • Meg - Christine's former dancing partner, now living in San Francisco.
  • Rafe Andrews - son of Hiram Andrews, currently in prison for the murder of Joe Bucket
  • Joe Bucket - stagehand at Opal Hall, deceased.
  • Dr. Seward
  • Renfield - original owner of Carfax Mines, deceased.
  • Billy & Ollie Sutter - Sons of one of the original families who settled Mapleton, sent back east to live with family in the aftermath
  • Pierre Angie - former owner and operator of Opal Hall. The man who raised Christine, and Meg. Retired to Virginia.