a collection of tales to give you the shivers

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A shadow at the window. A creak in the floorboards…

Haunted Houses have fascinated people since the earliest days, and are as much a part of the fabric of autumn as pumpkins and trick or treating. This October, let R. Diamond, Harley Easton, Gregory L. Norris, Randi Perrin, CM Peters, Marie Piper, S.B. Roark, Sienna Saint-Cyr, and Katey Tattrie give you the shivers with HAUNT, a collection of nine brand-new tales of haunted dwellings…

  • Roomates by Katey Tattrie
  • Redemption Hill by Randi Perrin
  • By Tethers Bound by S.B. Roark
  • The B Room by CM Peters
  • Error by R. Diamond
  • The Shut-In by Gregory L. Norris
  • Jessie by Marie Piper
  • Possessed by Sienna St. Cyr
  • People who live in Glass Sanitoriums by Harley Easton

 *All proceeds from HAUNT will go to Chicago-area charities that provide services for the homeless population.*

Available October 17th, 2017 via Amazon.