The Gilded Brides


His Starling Sweetheart

Gilded Brides #2

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After a long run as the golden bombshell of The Gilded Cage, Tess Daniels hopes to reinvent herself as the owner of a successful restaurant in the small town of Dancer in the middle of the Dakota Territory, where no one will know of her past. When her arrival is derailed by a rainstorm, she butts heads with the coach driver and, thanks to him, finds all her plans for a new life at risk.

Sam Higgins wears his roving rascal reputation with pride. He’s never met an entanglement he can’t walk away from, until the rude woman in his coach inspires him to make something more of his life. Unfortunately, she won’t give him a second look…

As Dancer starts to grow, old-fashioned prejudice threatens to block any and all progress and change. Can two people with tarnished reputations put aside their pasts and lead the way forward to the sun?


His Bluebird Bride

Gilded Brides #1

Available in ebook and paperback

Billie the Bluebird has had enough. For six years she’s worked as Madam of The Gilded Cage, an upscale brothel in New Orleans, waiting for her lover—the club’s owner—to marry her. When instead he breaks her heart, she answers a mail-order bride advertisement from a little town called Dancer in the wild Dakota territory, as far away from New Orleans as possible. Claiming to be a widow named Willa, she arrives just before Christmas and marries the kind and responsible town doctor Elijah Higgins.

Once, Elijah dreamed of a life full of adventure like in the dime store novels he loves, but Dancer is a tough place. Elijah is thrilled his bride appears to be a hard-working woman of simple tastes. Life is about responsibilities, and love is an afterthought at best.

Through preparation for Dancer’s holiday party and the coming of winter snows, Billie and Elijah find themselves drawn closer together into a passion neither expected and that neither can resist. When Dancer is threatened, only Billie can save it. To be the miracle the town needs, will she reveal her sordid past and risk her chance at a happy future?